FISH of Wantagh

Friends in Safe Hands (FISH) of Wantagh is a non-sectarian network of concerned volunteers wishing to be of service close to home. We focus particularly on the senior citizens of the community, by providing friendship and support in meeting their need for transportation to and from medical appointments.

Most volunteers serve one day a month, some an occasional hour. They use their home telephones and drive their own cars.

There is never a charge for any FISH service. FISH is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization. We are partially funded by the Nassau County Department of Senior Citizen Affairs through the New York State Office for the Aging.

If you live in the Wantagh area and can help for one day a month or even for an hour, please call us. Drivers are reimbursed for mileage. Supplemental insurance is provided.

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Paul Desroches, Director

Martin Sasbon, Assistant to Director

Ron Tauss, Driver Coordinator

Russ Bastin, Public Relations

Tom Jennette, Technical Advisor

Ramona Stewart, Treasurer

Tracy Idell, Executive Secretary

Historical Note

The FISH movement began in 1961 when members of an English church parish took practical action to make their neighborhood more kind and caring. They devised a means for any neighbor to signal distress and a way for volunteers to take turns being ready to help. This idea for renewed neighborliness spread across the globe. FISH of Wantagh was founded in 1970.


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Sadie Migden, Phone VolunteerBefore the start of the FISH Annual Meeting  FISH Director Paul Desroches with Pastor Nale  FISH Past Director Claire Dekanek opening the Annual Meeting  FISH Public Relations Officer Russ Bastin with Pastor Nale  County Representative Beth Limmer giving Corine Casagrande an Award Certificate

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