Wantagh dot LI reaches your local customers like no one else. In fact, 85% of our traffic is from Wantagh, Bellmore, Seaford and Levittown.

Compare us to broadcast, give-away print media, and other online options - we're far less expensive!

We've been here since 2001. Wantagh is our home town and we're active in the community. Wantagh dot LI was thoroughly tested and received green ratings from both McAfee SiteAdvisor and Sucuri .

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"We can promote your business like no one else can."

Promotion Tools Options for Your Local Business

Free Standard Listings
Standard listings are free and can be submitted simply by clicking: Listing Suggestion. Please include all applicable information: Business name, address, phone number, fax number, website and business type. Standard Listings are for businesses that fall into the categories listed and are reserved for businesses and organizations that have at least one office in any of the following towns: Wantagh, Bellmore, Seaford or Levittown. Standard listings also include a free link to your website.

Free Web and Email Hosting
Customers that purchase a Homepage Ad or Category Ad are eligible for free hosting from our partner website www.Host.LI. Call us for more information, or visit our partner website www.Host.LI. Free hosting applies to Plan #1.

Homepage Ad
Homepage Ads are available for only $599 per year. Price includes a free link to your website. Each of the four Homepage Ads are rotated on a 2:1 basis, making a total of 8 homepage positions. Homepage banners are 170 x 75 pixels.

Category Ad
A Category Ads are placed across the top of each category, so they really make your business stand out. Prices are listed below, and include a free link to your website. Category banners are 757 x 60 pixels.

Allyson Rosenblatt Memorial Fund - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Antique Shops - $447 - Sold

Automotive Services/Dealers/Parts and Gas - $747 - Sold

Bakeries & Bagel Shops - $447 per year

Banks - $447 per year

Bars, Clubs & Cafés - $747 per year

Beverage, Wine & Liquor Stores - $447 per year

Budget Advisory Committee - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Calendar - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Card, Gift & Toy Shops - $447 per year

Computer, Wireless, Electronic & Appliance Stores - $447 - Sold

Convenience Stores - $447 per year

Delicatessens - $447 per year

Dry Cleaners - $447 per year

Electricians - $447 - Sold

Florists - $447 - Sold

Friends in Safe Hands (FISH) - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Funeral Homes - $447 - Sold

Garden of Hope - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Grocery Stores - $447 - Sold

Hardware Stores & Locksmiths - $447 per year - Sold

Health & Fitness - $447 per year

Jewelers - $897 - Sold

Kiwanis of Wantagh - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Long Island Planning Council - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Miss Wantagh - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Music & Dance - $447 per year

Painters - $447 per year - Sold

Parks, Preserves & Museums - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Pet Stores, Pet Services and Veterinarians - $597

Pharmacies - $447 per year

Places of Worship - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Plumbers - $447 - Sold

Police - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Post Offices - $447 - Sold

Real Estate - $897 - Sold

Restaurants (sorted by name) - $897

Restaurants (sorted by cuisine) - $747

Salons & Barbers - $747

Snowball Run - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Sporting Good Stores - $597 per year

Sporting Places (Bowling, Skating, Etc.) - $447 per year

Taxi & Limousine Services - $447 per year - Sold

Wantagh Museum - Not Available (Public Service Page)

Wantagh Statistics - Not Available (Public Service Page)


Please note that prices are subject to change, and that advertisements are subject to availability and our Terms. We reserve the right to reject advertisements for any reason. Advertisements must be tasteful, and not contain nudity or foul language.

If the homepage or category is sold out, the next available position can be reserved for a $100 deposit. After 12 months if a position does not become available, the deposit is returned. If a position becomes available within 12 months, the deposit can be used toward the advertisement, but the deposit is forfeited if the ad is not purchased.

Prices includes one free artwork generation. If you prefer, you can email us your artwork: Webmaster@Wantagh.LI.

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