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Wantagh dot LI Survey Results

2014 March: Should Billy Dean open his strip club in Wantagh?

9% Yes
85% No
6% Does not matter
(67 responses received)

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Last February, a New York State Appellate Division justice panel affirmed Hempstead Town's denial of a cabaret permit to Strip club owner Billy Dean. William Cohn of Uniondale, Dean's attorney, said that he will appeal the decision to the New York Court of Appeals. Dean and his partner Rori Gordon in October 2011 unsuccessfully sued the town appeals board and its seven members in State Supreme Court for denying a cabaret license for the Wantagh property on Sunrise Highway. The denial reversed the board's approval of Dean's application more than a year earlier.

Dean owns Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore, which he bills as "Long Island's Number 1 Strip Club." For the Wantagh venue, Dean planned to provide live music, dancing and entertainment with a "Las Vegas Style" feel, while the license for this location would have prohibited topless or nude entertainment.

2014 February: What's your opinion of South Shore Blueway Trail?

61% Positive
29% Neutral
3% Negative
8% Never heard of it
(38 responses received - results do not add up to 100% due to round off)

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The Blueway Trail is a proposal for a 40-mile loop for non-motorized boats throughout the bays and inlets of Nassau County, connecting boat ramps and other places suitable for boats as well as stopover points along the circuit. The draft plan cites many advantages of the trail, such as the showcasing of Nassau's waterfront, encouraging recreation and healthy lifestyles, and increasing environmental awareness. For more information:

South Shore Blueway Trail Draft Plan Presented (The Citizen, 2013 November 21)

2014 January: How is the parking at the Wantagh train station?

3% Excellent
5% Very Good
27% Good
46% Fair
19% Poor
(37 responses received)

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Parking concerns for Long Island Railroad commuters was a topic at a community meeting last December with MTA Long Island Railroad representatives. According to Legislator Denenberg “car dealerships are using commuter parking” which worsens the parking problem. For more information:

Parking Remains a Concern at LIRR Stations (The Citizen, 2013 December 12)

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