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Wantagh dot LI Survey Results

2014 December: How much of your holiday shopping will be at local stores?

Wantagh Holiday Shopping Survey 5% Most
70% Some
19% Very Little
5% None
(37 responses received - results do not add up to 100% due to round off)

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2014 November: What's your view on electronic speed traps in the Wantagh area?

16% Good Idea
49% Bad Idea
35% Undecided
(37 responses received)

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2014 October: Should Cedar Creek host a materials testing lab?

10% Yes
18% No
72% Undecided
(39 responses received)

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A $2.5 million lab may be built near the Cedar Creek Plant in Seaford to test nontoxic materials such as concrete, asphalt, steel and rebar used in Nassau County road projects. The County had been using a facility just outside the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in East Rockaway, but that facility was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy. Since then, the county has been farming the work to an outside vendor. While the Department of Public Works has made no decision yet, some in the community have voiced environmental and health concerns, but not everyone is convinced of these issues. Mike Martino, spokesperson for Nassau County’s Department of Public Works stated that the lab would not be handling hazardous materials. Any hazardous materials such as asbestos or PCBs are processed by a private contractor, and that this lab will have zero toxic materials. For more information:

Cedar Creek possible site for materials lab (Wantagh Citizen, 2014 September 10)

2014 September: How often did you visit the Roosevelt Nature Center?

8% Many Times!
89% A Few times
2% Once
1% Never
(90 responses received)

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The Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center at Jones Beach State Park is an educational establishment for Long Island residents, that also serves as a wildlife conservation area. The Center, which opened in 2000, is on a barrier island beach within Jones Beach State Park. An exhibit area portrays several marine habitats including the seashore and the dune environment. For kids, there are lots of fun activities such as feeding live marine animals, looking through a microscope or playing in the children's activity area. Outside the center, children can dig for whale bones in the Discovery Bone Cove, walk through the butterfly garden or view a shipwreck. For more information:

A Hidden Gem at Jones Beach (Wantagh Citizen, 2014 August 21)

2014 August: What are your thoughts on the extended Jones Beach bike path?

96% love It!
2% It's OK
2% Don't Like It
0% What Extension?
(51 responses received)

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A 3.6-mile bike and pedestrian path connecting Jones Beach and Tobay Beach was recently opened. This $3.8 million Ocean Parkway Coastal Greenway "provides a scenic ocean side path between the beach communities in Nassau County" said Governor Cuomo. The Greenway stretches from the Jones Beach access bike path at the southern end of the Wantagh State Parkway in Parking Field 5 to the Tobay Beach parking field, parallel to the northern edge of Ocean Parkway. The 13-foot-wide path is wheelchair-accessible, and includes a cable guide rail to protect users from Ocean Parkway traffic. With the Greenway's opening, cyclists can now travel the 8.8 miles from Cedar Creek Park at the start of the Wantagh path, through Jones Beach to Tobay Beach.

2014 July: Are you prepared for hurricane season?

Wantagh Hurricane Season 1% Yes
83% Partially
16% Not at all
(82 responses received)

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Local officials urge residents to assemble a disaster preparedness kit, make a plan and learn of the risks associated with hurricanes. The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June to November, with peak season from mid-August to late October. Having an updated and accurate Family Emergency Plan is a key component to planning for hurricane season. The unique needs of family members, such as the elderly, infants, those with special needs and any pets should be considered. Also, you should inquire about what plans are in place at work and schools in case of emergency.

2014 June: How do you feel about the increased security at Wantagh High School?

0% Excessive
97% Appropriate
1% Insufficient
1% Undecided
(68 responses received - results do not add up to 100% due to round off)

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Wantagh High School and Middle School were twice evacuated in recent weeks after a threatening message was found on a boys bathroom wall at the high school. In response, high school students were directed to clear out their lockers which were then sealed for the remainder of the school year. In addition, new security cameras were planned, and new rules were applied in the high school: no backpacks or large bags; all books and personal belongings must be enclosed in a clear bag; all bags will be checked as students enter the high school in the morning and when they return to the building after lunch; all restroom access will continue to be limited to one boys room and one girls room. Everyone using either bathroom will continue to be required to sign in and out. For more information:

Security upped after Wantagh High School threats (Wantagh Citizen, 2014 May 28)

2014 May: What are your thoughts on Cedar Creek Plant improvements?

96% Agree
2% Disagree
2% Undecided
(48 responses received)

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Nassau officials released details of upcoming improvements to the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. These enhancements are planned in multiple stages over the upcoming years. For more information:

Cedar Creek Plant Improvements Detailed (Wantagh Citizen, 2014 April 15)

2014 April: Should School in Wantagh Start Later in the Morning?

61% Yes
29% No
10% Undecided
(49 responses received)

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School districts across the country have deferred high school opening times in light of growing evidence that later start times benefit students. A recent study from the University of Minnesota states that there are "clear benefits for students whose high schools start at 8:30 AM or later." Long Island is home to the 14th national chapter of Start School Later, a nonprofit organization "of health professionals, sleep scientists, educators, parents, students, and other concerned citizens working to ensure that all public schools can set hours compatible with health, safety, equity, and learning".

However, not everyone is in favor of a later start. As reported in the New York Times, many parents and some students, feel that a later start would jeopardize sports, student jobs and extracurricular activities.

2014 March: Should Billy Dean open his strip club in Wantagh?

9% Yes
85% No
6% Does not matter
(67 responses received)

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Last February, a New York State Appellate Division justice panel affirmed Hempstead Town's denial of a cabaret permit to Strip club owner Billy Dean. William Cohn of Uniondale, Dean's attorney, said that he will appeal the decision to the New York Court of Appeals. Dean and his partner Rori Gordon in October 2011 unsuccessfully sued the town appeals board and its seven members in State Supreme Court for denying a cabaret license for the Wantagh property on Sunrise Highway. The denial reversed the board's approval of Dean's application more than a year earlier.

Dean owns Billy Dean's Showtime Cafe in North Bellmore, which he bills as "Long Island's Number 1 Strip Club." For the Wantagh venue, Dean planned to provide live music, dancing and entertainment with a "Las Vegas Style" feel, while the license for this location would have prohibited topless or nude entertainment.

2014 February: What's your opinion of South Shore Blueway Trail?

61% Positive
29% Neutral
3% Negative
8% Never heard of it
(38 responses received - results do not add up to 100% due to round off)

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The Blueway Trail is a proposal for a 40-mile loop for non-motorized boats throughout the bays and inlets of Nassau County, connecting boat ramps and other places suitable for boats as well as stopover points along the circuit. The draft plan cites many advantages of the trail, such as the showcasing of Nassau's waterfront, encouraging recreation and healthy lifestyles, and increasing environmental awareness. For more information:

South Shore Blueway Trail Draft Plan Presented (The Citizen, 2013 November 21)

2014 January: How is the parking at the Wantagh train station?

3% Excellent
5% Very Good
27% Good
46% Fair
19% Poor
(37 responses received)

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Parking concerns for Long Island Railroad commuters was a topic at a community meeting last December with MTA Long Island Railroad representatives. According to Legislator Denenberg “car dealerships are using commuter parking” which worsens the parking problem. For more information:

Parking Remains a Concern at LIRR Stations (The Citizen, 2013 December 12)

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