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Wantagh dot LI Survey Results

2015 April: Should the Wantagh Avenue speed limit be 40 MPH, from Jerusalem Avenue to Island Road?

51% Yes
49% No
0% Undecided
(63 responses received)

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The speed limit on Wantagh Avenue from Jerusalem Avenue to Island Road was recently reduced from 40 to 30 MPH, but the who and why of the lowered limit is not clear. What is clear is that the community prefers the maximum MPH the way it was. For more information:

What’s the speed limit on Wantagh Avenue? (The Citizen, 2015 March 18)

2015 March: Are you concerned about the toxic Grumman Plume?

58% Very much so
29% Somewhat
13% Not at all
(52 responses received)

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Governor Cuomo signed a bill last December ordering the cleanup of the toxic Navy Grumman plume, a move that is regarded as a significant step forward in ensuring safe drinking water for Wantagh and surrounding areas. The bill mandates that the state Department of Environmental Conservation put into place a plan to hydraulically contain and remediate the underground plume before it spreads further south. Underground toxins have already reached the area of North Wantagh Park which forced the construction of several water remediation plants in the area. If the plume were allowed to continue, it would likely reach more drinking sources in Wantagh, Seaford and Massapequa. For more information:

Governor Orders Plume Cleanup (The Citizen, 2015 January 7)

2015 February: Will you miss the Wantagh Friendly's?

58% Yes, very much
18% Yes, somewhat
8% No, not really
15% No, not at all
(72 responses received - results do not add up to 100% due to round off)

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“I’ve loved Friendly’s since I was a kid.” said one local resident, nevertheless the Wantagh Friendly’s which opened 30 years ago is closing. The Wantagh Willow Wood location is not the only Friendly’s that closed recently. Several locations throughout Long Island have also shut down since 2011 after the Friendly’s Cooperation filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. According to J & B Restaurant Partners, the company that owns local Friendly’s franchises, some of the weaker Friendly’s locations are being closed down in order to help its other restaurants and to help dig the company out of bankruptcy. For more information:

Friendly's scooped from Wantagh (The Citizen, 2015 January 13)

2015 January: Are you in favor of the proposed Taco Bell on Wantagh Ave?

30% Yes
60% No
10% undecided
(98 responses received)

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Yum! Brands franchises hopes to raze the vacant building at 1260 Wantagh Avenue to make way for a 2,148-square-foot Taco Bell with 40 seats and a drive-through. An application before the Town of Hempstead’s Board of Appeals to construct the restaurant was adjourned last December until February 25 to allow an opportunity for residents to meet with the developer. For more information:

Taco Bell decision postponed (The Citizen, 2014 December 23)
Traffic study: Taco Bell impact will be minimal (The Citizen, 2015 February 24)
Residents: ‘No’ to Taco Bell (The Citizen, 2015 March 3)

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